Child custody cases are some of the hardest, emotionally taxing and damaging legal cases that one can deal with. Unfortunately, child custody they happen too often, and sometimes, the custody decisions are not in line with the child’s best interest.

If you find yourself in a situation where you may lose your child, then it is vital that you find a modern law attorney who’s qualified and has extensive experience in handling such cases. If you are undecided as to whether you should hire an attorney or represent yourself, then here are six good reasons why you should work with a professional:

If your ex has one

If you are aware that your ex is working with a custody attorney, then you should find one too. Unless you are law-savvy, you don’t want to risk losing your child only because you thought that truth is on your side. In addition to years of training, lawyers have experience dealing with such cases, and it would be difficult for you to outwit them.

If you believe your kids are in danger

It’s still possible for bad parents to fight for custody and win, so, if you believe that your children will be in danger living with your ex, then you must get a qualified legal representation. The amount of money you’ll spend as the legal fee cannot measure the cost of losing your child, especially if their safety is questionable.

If the court requires you to get treatment or take classes

If the court wants you to take anger management classes, parenting classes or to enroll on alcohol or drug treatment, it means that your ex has an upper hand of getting custody in the eyes of the court. So unless all parents in your country or state are required to go through these classes, you should get a lawyer.

If the case becomes increasingly complicated

There are times when something that you thought was simple becomes a bit more challenging than you had anticipated. For instance, both you and your ex might be in agreement regarding sharing custody, then, later on, you learn that they changed their mind and want full custody. Or, you might learn that he’s planning to try and convince the court that you are not fit to live with the kids. If such complications creep in, then it’s best to lawyer up.

If your case crosses jurisdiction

In the event that you and your ex stay in different countries or states, you might want to get represented by a lawyer. Yes, you still have to research on child custody regulations with regards to your case, particularly if its international, but getting professional help is advised for any case that crosses jurisdiction.

If your ex bars you from seeing the kids

If your ex, who has custody, tries to restrict your contact with the kids, cancels at the last minute or denies visits, then you’ll need to get a lawyer.