Indonesia has large area. This country consists of many islands and each of them has something great to offer related to the tourism and travelling. Among those islands and towns, there is Makassar. Makassar is located in Sulawesi, specifically in the South Sulawesi. This city is also the capital of this province. In this case, it is not only the capital of South Sulawesi, but this is also the largest city in the area of east Indonesia. In this case, it is not only its size or area that makes this city the largest one, but there are also many things that make Makassar more than special as the destination for travelling. Among those great things, makassar gold silks are some famous stuffs to find in this big city.

For years, Makassar has become so famous for its gold and silks. This town has some great shops selling the crafts made by gold. What make the crafts special is not only about the quality of the gold or the price, but it is also about the quality of makers who make the gold into great and beautiful crafts. Then, there is also silks. The silks have become so famous, especially since people start to know about Tana Toraja and local people of Toraja. The famous silks in Makassar are not made by industry or company, yet they are made by local women and the silks are like canvas for them where they can give artistic touches and meaning in each silk that they made. Surely, the quality and unique values of makassar gold silks make them so attractive.

It will not be too difficult to find the shops selling gold and silks. Since they have become famous items or stuffs in Makassar, there are many shops dedicated to sell and provide various design and type of crafts made of gold and the silks. When gold and silks are not enough, there are also alternative of makassar gold silks and they are the pearl and silver crafts. These can be found in several spots in Makassar.

  • Jalan Somba Opu or Somba Opu Street is the famous location to find those crafts. This is a name of street in Makassar, and there are many shops built in this street. There are many shops selling the crafts or gifts made of gold and silver. There are also gifts related to the pearl. For the pearl, It is not limited to the cultivated pearls, but there are also natural pearls although the price can be higher. Tourists will find great chance to explore the street to find the best gifts to bring back home.
  • For the silks, it is a special silk that can only be found in Sulawesi, especially Makassar. The silks are so special since they are made by the manual tools. These hand-made silks have beautiful design and great colour. They are so special and this can be found in the shops in Somba Opu. There are also many other shops selling the collection of Makassar silks.