If you are a parent and your child is in the toddler stage, you may as well forget about resting while on vacation. Your child is no longer a baby and will not spend long hours sleeping as was the case when he was a baby. However, this doesn’t mean your trip can’t be fulfilling. With the tips below, you can have an exciting family trip with your toddler.

Choose Your Trip Carefully

Going on trips with your toddler is different. You may not be able to engage in activities with the toddler in a carrier like was the case before when the child was a baby. Sitting in restaurants and finishing your meal can be harder with a toddler, and so is going for hiking or even swimming in the ocean and participating in other water-related activities.

If you take your toddler with you on a trip, you need to schedule all your activities between nap time. While a change of schedule and climate can have an impact on your toddler’s bedtime, ensure that they stick to their regular routine. You don’t want to start sleep training them afresh after the trip is over.

Beach vacations are better for parents with toddlers that sightseeing holidays. Many toddlers will have fun splashing sea water and playing in the sand. In the end, they’ll be very tired which is good for a good night’s sleep.

Consider Sleeping Arrangements Prior to Booking

Forget about sophisticated hotels if you’ll be vacationing with a toddler. Sleeping arrangements should be your first consideration. If your toddler is used to sleeping alone, accommodating him in your room may disrupt his sleeping schedule.

He may end up wanting to play the entire night. Again, having your toddler in your room may disrupt your schedule especially if you are a late sleeper, or love reading at night.

Of course, you’ll need to switch off the lights so that your toddler can sleep soundly. What can you do to make your vacation more fulfilling? Today, many hotels have been modified to accommodate the needs of parents with children.

You can book a one bedroom suite in your hotel of choice. This way, your toddler can get sufficient space to play and sleep soundly without disrupting your own schedule. Further, you’ll get some time to catch some sleep, relax, and enjoy the trip.

Get a Room with a Balcony

You’ll spend much of your time indoors with your toddler. Request for a room with a balcony to avoid being stuck in the house. You can also request a room whose balcony faces the ocean. You’ll not only enjoy the cool breeze, but you’ll also have ample time to meditate and reflect on yourself when the toddler is asleep.

Find Family Friendly Restaurants or Request for Room Service

Toddlers may become fussy in restaurants and this can stop you from enjoying your meals. If you have to go to restaurants, ensure they are family friendly and have a menu for the kids and tools to keep toddlers entertained.

You can also pack items to entertain your toddler such as crayons. You can also request for room service or takeaway meals. Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to cook your own meals which not only makes it better for your toddler but is an opportunity for the whole family to eat healthier meals.

Choose Comfortable Clothing for your Toddler

Young babies are easy to control, unlike toddlers. While going on vacation involves buying new clothes, it’s important to choose comfortable clothes for your toddler. Remember, many of the clothes they use while on vacation will get stains and you do not want to be washing clothes when you should be enjoying your vacation. Choose comfort over style.


Traveling to your vacation destination can be tiring. If you are moving from Labuan Bajo to Komodo, for instance, carry enough food for your toddler. Have an entertainment kit for them and ensure they are dressed in comfortable clothing. Once you check in your hotel, find out whether they offer child minding services. Having someone to take care of your toddler while on holiday can give you a few hours to relax.