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People who play cards regularly develop a preference for solitaire as the game adds a lot of excitement. It is a single player game and therefore, there are many variations of this game. The game is very simple though this does not indicate that you can play it easily. The most popular version is the pyramid solitaire and people can play the game when they begin their gaming experience. If you are not familiar with this game, then you should know that the name itself suggests that you need to play it with yourself. 

Many solitaire games are similar to puzzles as they are mind games and they are decided by the beginning position of the cards. When you play Solitaire here online, the software identifies the way a player plays and thinks and thereafter, he arrives with tricks that make the game challenging and taxing for a player. Many Windows Applications install the Solitaire, but people like the online version because they feel a kind of connection with other players. Some players take this game seriously and they master it eventually. With several hours of practice, they dominate the computer. Even children love playing this game as their passtime. As this is a mind game, children develop sharp receptive powers playing it.

Multi-player game

Though Solitaire is a single-player game, it can be modified to a multi-player game too. As a player, you have to determine the scoring option, whether you want a standard scoring method or a Vegas. The Vegas method puts time constraints and it keeps an account on the moves you have made. This makes it difficult to score high. Different skill levels are there in this game. The higher levels are more complicated compared to the lower levels. The skill levels offer you difficulties to end the game. 

Online version

Solitaire game is available online. You can obtain details of the game and can play Solitaire here online for free. You can download it for free. If you are a novice player, then you need to become familiar to the game by practicing the game. It means you should understand the terms and conditions of the game. This includes cell, a term that indicates a spot and where you can place a single card. Another term is a foundation that is a target suit and it moves upwards. There are many unused cards known as the stock.