Proviron is basically a synthetic effective androgen though it does not have any kind of anabolic characteristics. It is usually used to reduce or even cure disturbances created by deficiency of male sex hormones. It is mandatory to maintain a balance between the levels of estrogen and testosterone to avoid any kind of side effects. Athletes usually use Proviron after a series of steroid treatment to increase the amount of testosterone production which in turn helps in development of muscles. They are usually used with Deca. Deca tends to add an androgenic compound to the entire cycle. It prevents the loss of libido in males and assists in the males sex drive up to a certain extent. It helps in releasing the free testosterone which in turn increases the total level of free testosterone.

Why bodybuilders prefer this

Bodybuilders tend to Proviron along with Deca for the following reasons.

  • Due to the atomic structure of the Proviron they are not able to form estrogen. This increases the strength in the binding ability to ‘latch on’ the enzymes that bind the estrogen which in turn prevents the buildup in the estrogen.
  • Proviron along with Deca helps in generating a feeling of ‘wellbeing’ especially in males. It was commonly used as an anti-depressant in men especially in the past days. Bodybuilders used to use it prepare for competitions.
  • Usually during steroid treatments the testosterone and the several kinds of androgens gets converted to estrogen by a specific enzyme commonly known as aromatase. This enzyme tends to get bind at a much higher rate as compared to Testosterone.
  • Proviron along with Deca helps in the growth of muscles to a great extent. They tends to bind to the protein at a much higher rate than the traditional testosterone which in turn allows the latter to bind to androgen in the tissues of the muscles.

However there are a handful of side effects of using Proviron with Deca as well.

  • It is mandatory to take Proviron in proper dosage only, which is 25mg per day for women, and men who have normal growth curve while maximum 50mg per day for women and men who undergo a severe steroid treatment. Incorrect dosage may adversely affect the person since Proviron in a quite strong androgenic drug.
  • This can even lead to masculinization in women. The common symptoms of masculinization in women are –
    • Changes in the tone of the voice
    • Menstrual disorders
    • Hirsutism and numerous others