The one thing we know for sure is that it is not easy to ask people to shell out money, especially for something they won’t get an instant benefit out of. So how do you persuade someone to donate? The first step of the plan is understanding your own cause, your vision, and your mission. You need to have a strategic and detailed plan before starting your fundraising efforts, because the first question that you will get asked by a potential donor, is how much money you need, and what you’re going to do with it. If you don’t have a clear reply to such questions, donors may not feel safe about giving to your cause.

In order to encourage fundraising india, we at Impact Guru want to help you prepare for your fundraiser. So here are a few key elements of your campaign and fund utilization plan that should in place before your fundraising india journey begins:

How much money do you need to raise?

Setting a realistic goal is imperative. If your goal is too high, the donor will think his/her contribution won’t make a difference, and if your goal is too low, a donor may think you don’t need his/her money to achieve your target. It can lead to a catch-22 situation. On the other hand, if you are not able to give a firm response to this question, donors will think you are not prepared with your plan, therefore won’t be inclined to donate.

What is the organization aiming to accomplish?

Establishing a vision and mission for your organization, and making sure it is communicated in a memorable way, is key to persuasion. Donors needs to know that your nonprofit is carrying out important work that is positively impacting the lives of people. Be sure to have all the information about your campaign in place, before speaking to a donor. You need to know why you’re doing this, who you’re impacting, and what are the timelines you want to achieve your mission in. Being bold and vocal about your initiative enhances your nonprofit’s credibility.

What are your strategies to achieve them?

Surely if you have a mission then you need to have a concrete plan to achieve it. The broad strategies that your fundraising plan should cover are – how you’re going to utilize the money, the team you’ve put together for your initiative, how you’re going to spread awareness about the cause, your communication activities, and the timelines you have in mind.

What are your existing capabilities to achieve them?

The only way for your organization to come across as highly credible and accountable, is for the donor to see all the work you’ve already achieved in the past. When a donor asks what you’ve done so far, you need to display a sense of proactivity and passion. They need to be reassured that the existing resources such as your team members, your social media plan, and your other outreach activities are all in place.

How will your donation make a difference?

Donors needs to feel self important and engaged in your cause. They needs to believe that the next step in your initiative can only be achieved with the funds that are collected from their donation. Their generosity to contribute large sums solely depends on how connected you’ve made him feel to your cause, and how much of a difference the money will make in furthering the cause.

Everything depends on your initial plan, and the preparedness with which you approach a potential donor. The key to covering all these elements is knowing your campaign in utmost detail, so that people feel safe about giving their money to you. Through these little tips, we hope to help the fundraising india maximize their fundraising efforts, and excel in all social and personal initiative that are being crowdfunded for.