With the winter season coming up, many people are still blissfully unaware as to the importance of getting their cars checked. Whether it is the battery, lights, tires, or any other components of the car, doing a proper check before winter ensures that the vehicle runs perfectly during the season. Below, we look at five reasons why you should get your car checked in winter.


The biggest benefit of a winter safety check is that you get the batteries fully inspected right before the colder temperatures set in. Due to the damp, cold climate of the season, there is a big risk that the batteries of the vehicle might die out. This is especially true if your batteries are over five years old. If the battery is struggling when you start up the car, then it is definitely an indication that there is something wrong with it. And with the winter season coming, leaving it as it is will be the most foolhardy decision.


Every car has an antifreeze, which is a liquid that prevents freezing of the engine’s cooling components. If the antifreeze levels are too low, then the engine becomes exposed to the risk of freezing up during winter. This obviously will suck up a lot of money for repairs. The only way to avoid such issues is to check the antifreeze levels before winter and ensure that it is present at sufficient levels.


During winter, the atmosphere will likely be so thick that you may have difficulty while driving, especially once the sun sets. The only way you can successfully navigate the roads in such conditions is by switching on your exterior lights. So, make sure that you get the lighter properly inspected before winter.  And if there is any problem, get the lights repaired or replaced. This is applicable to all light on your vehicle, whether it be tail lights, brake lights, indicators, and so on. For example, a good Citroen & DS Winter Safety Check will enable you to use all your vehicle light without any trouble in winter.  

Screen Wash

Check the level of screen wash before winter arrives. They have a lower freezing point than regular water, which makes them ideal for keeping the windscreen clean. If proper amounts of screen wash do not exist, then there is a good chance of grime being smeared on the windshield. This will negatively affect your visibility, making driving dangerous.


You also need to check the tires of the car. Ideally, tires need to have a tread if around 3mmm in order to perform well in winter. And in case you have money to spare, you can also purchase special winter tires that will give you an extra grip while driving through the snowy, slippery roads.