Anabol is a methylated derivative steroid of testosterone and is known for its properties for boosting muscular growth and strength. This is also known as Dianabol or simply Dbol. Anabol drastically increases the Nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues and thereby higher protein synthesis. With rapid rise in protein content, our muscles grow and we become stronger.

There are sports like body building, weight lifting, athletics etc where your body requires tremendous amount of muscular power for a short period. The performance level reaches a peak. In international levels, it matters a lot. That is why Anabol is so popular in sports people.  Many of them have confessed using it sometime or the other to beat the high level competition.  This is also extremely popular in gym enthusiasts.

There has been a very old debate going on whether the steroid should to be taken singly or stacked with some other steroids. Especially new body builders raise this question quite often. Anabol has both anabolic as well as androgenic effects and it has been widely acclaimed by professional body builders and gym enthusiasts. In order to maximize gains, Anabol only course is an ideal choice for beginners.

Apart from obvious benefits of anabol like increase in nitrogen level, protein synthesis, muscular growth etc, there are some other important factors also to be considered.

  • Anabol is available in pill form so can be taken orally. You need not take injection and have many punctures in your skin.
  • Anabol is seen to encourage anaerobic glycolysis. Lactic acid gets accumulated in the body. This further activates a process called glycogenesis whereby the muscle tissues use this lactic acid for synthesizing glycogen. This is responsible for increase in energy level in the body.
  • Anabol also enhances bone density, which allows power lifters to lift higher weights. With increased bone density, the chance of osteoporosis is reduced.
  • Anabol is observed to raise insulin level in the body which has a relaxing effect on your nerves and also improves your appetite.
  • Anabol has a short half life i.e. 3 to 4 hours. So spreading the dose over the day helps in maintaining a steady level of drug in your body.

For best gains, a beginner should know the dosage and timing for intake. Initial intake normally spans from 4 to 6 weeks. Higher the dose, shorter should be the duration. However, it must aptly be supplemented by proper diet for best results.