There are a number of studies that point to sitting as a huge detriment to an individual’s health, especially in the long run. Elongated periods of sitting often occur in the office, but it can also happen after the work day is done and relaxation or recreational activities that are supposed to be enjoyable end up forcing the individual to sit longer. Workers who go from the desk at work to the couch for some TV time when off the clock experience a myriad of health concerns that do not show themselves until years after the damage is already done.

The Threat of Poor Blood Circulation

A big reason elongated periods of sitting are so damaging to individuals is the lack of proper blood circulation. Blood is pumping through the body at all times, and helps to make the body run as it is intended. Vital organs like the kidneys, spleen, and brain require blood flow to stay steady in order to operate at their max potential, and clots occur when blood flow is restricted. Sitting in an office chair is a primary reason that so many experience blood clotting, but less aggressive side effects of elongated sitting can actually take place daily.

The first and easiest way to spot if blood circulation is low is if productivity is low. That’s why many turn to little changes that can increase blood flow, like more time standing or improving the quality of office chair in the work environment. Autonomous has become a go-to for many searching and shopping for ergonomic office chairs to increase blood flow, and the MyoChair is one of the most unique, dynamic seating options available from the ecommerce brand, and possibly the most supportive office chair for blood flow on the market.

The MyoChair is Comfortable and Circulatory

An office chair is supposed to be very different from a lounge chair, but why should designers not take some of the greatest features of both and combine them for an optimum office seating option. Two of the comfiest features of a lounge chair are the padded headrest and a footrest for stretching out, and the MyoChair has both. These supportive features are the difference between ergonomic support and stiff seating. If they become a hassle or do not get used, they detach, but stretching out and having a place to rest your head while getting work done helps to keep blood flowing as best as possible. Best of all, these features are combined with classic Autonomous design choices that keep the chair breathable, adjustable, and all together easy to use and customize to each user’s settings.

Autonomous Keeps the Blood Flowing

Autonomous offers a variety of choices when workers health becomes a primary concern. If it isn’t already, healthy workers should be a focus of every company and corporation in the world, especially because things like blood constriction are hard to point to, but manifest themselves in very influential ways. Negative impacts of blood flow like loss of concentration and focus are easy to identify issues that can be affecting the bottom line that so many companies live and die by.

The MyoChair is just one of many amazing options from Autonomous that put user comfort and support before everything else. With great styles to fit any office decor, supportive construction, and state of the art materials that promote environmental consciousness as well as extreme comfort, Autonomous redefines the office chair time and time again, and shopping for an Autonomous ergonomic office chair could not be easier thanks to an easy to use website and numerous choices for every user.